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Worth It

One of the hardest things about being a photographer is photographing your own family! I should really just hire another photographer but I always go into it thinking this time will be different. This will be the time everyone listens and it will go so smoothly and the images will be amazing!

Yep....I believed all that nonsense....again!

We had the wonderful pleasure of having my step daughters stay with us for a few weeks this Summer so naturally this was the perfect opportunity for an updated family photo. Just one shot, all I wanted was one great shot of the whole family together! With three toddlers this is a monumental feat, especially when using a tripod and a timer!

The evening involved chasing children around, my son literally climbing up a mountain and so many Skittles bribes we went through an entire share size bag! But in the end, after much stress, we got it. We got that one shot! I didn’t even have to swap anyone’s heads this time! So in the was all worth it!

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